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Monday, 21 February 2011

I Salute You

For all those who feel the pain
Of a tireless job, again and again

I salute you

For all single mothers all alone
Working and aching to the bone

I salute you

For all the soldiers away from family
Risking their life against a common enemy

I salute you

For all the nurses doing the hours godsend
Doing the night shift that never seems to end

I salute you

For the people reading this and relate
Knowing life can sometimes be a desperate state

I salute you

For all of you who find life can be a test
When you are out there and doing your best

I salute you

copyright Chris Smith 2011


  1. and I salute you for all the time you give of yourself..........Excellent piece Chris :)

  2. A salute for you Chris, for your blog and poetry ... I enjoy your writing. Keep a smile.