Monday, 21 March 2011

Love Me Five Times

Love me one time,
I will give you tonight.
Where we will fan the flames,
And we will feed our passion.

Love me two times,
I will take you to Heaven.
We will dance amongst the clouds,
And we will be lost in the moment.

Love me three times,
I will reach up to the very stars.
Bring down the Moon just for you,
And we will embrace in cosmic magic.

Love me four times,
I will surrender you my heart.
You will lock it away with yours,
And we will be kept forever safe.

Love me five times,
I will unite our souls together.
Our world will then become as one,
And then our love shall never die.

copyright Chris Smith 2011


  1. This is really beautiful. Great poem, Chris.

  2. To be loved is to be blessed. Beautiful write Chris.