Friday, 7 January 2011


Working hard, with no time to play
Invisible in shadows, that never go away
Busy all through the night, never seeing day
Seeing so much misery, left in my dismay

A difficult job where nobody sees me
Hospital porter running on empty
A voice that always rings out silently
Never time to rest, for time to be free

So many patients, moved like cattle on the go
All through the long night, going to and fro
Even those, with names we will never know
Taken to a mortuary, chills me to my soul

Nurses and Doctors, seen at the front line
Rewarded with thanks which is very fine
Anonymous are Porters, this job is mine
We would be the grapes that help make the wine

So spare us a thought for the hard work we do
Taking you to another ward, looking after you
We never stop, all these hours we work through
So many different duties, if only you knew

copyright Chris Smith 2011

1 comment:

  1. this is so true - many, many people behind the scenes at a hospital - doctors and nurses viewed are patient logistics...without movement of this patients - the doc's and nurses would not know what to do...bkm