Monday, 4 April 2011

Don't Blame Me

The World has gone straight to Hell.
Everything keeps on falling apart.
There is some new crisis in the East.
Friend is battling against friend.

Don't blame me.

The government are still making cuts.
National debt continues to be on the rise.
People are finding they are losing their homes.
Eviction is staying on the increase.

Don't blame me.

Crime is in a spiral and out of control.
Women are being targeted for sex attacks.
Each religion is blaming the other one.
No future for the children of today.

Don't blame me.

The media are telling even more lies.
Starvation is becoming the new diet.
Nobody cares about their fellow man.
Because there are no souls found anywhere.

Don't blame me.

You see, darling, everything is in a mess.
Our problems really are just too small.
I hold these hands up because I need you.
We have to be as one, all we have are each other.

I love you, for that don't blame me.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

1 comment:

  1. I suppose small problems are great because there are far too many people on the planet that the value of human life and thought has just plummeted to a serious low. The depth and insight of this poem is spot on.