Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Am Scared

I saw the News today

And it has me weeping

A child, a victim of abuse

Unseeing Care Authorities ignoring

Ignoring all the signs that are there

A doctor that was too blind to see

The injuries on an innocent child

He was beaten, his bruises hidden

Covered in chocolate to hide this shame

How could his mother allow this

To sit back and to just do nothing

While a Social Worker refuses to see

To see the very facts there, in black and white

To not see the signs there of neglect

His Step Father, on drugs, snapped his small spine

Laughed as he snapped it as if it was a twig

The agony this poor child had to endure

And a poor excuse of a Doctor could not see

Never saw the injuries as if there was nothing wrong

And for what this man has done to the poor boy

May the bastard rot in Hell, forever

This child has died, suffered a tragic life

No one was there to come and rescue him

So now he is at last safe, with God

Safe from the hell of any more terror

No child should have ever have to face this

How could the Care Authorities allow it to happen

For each child, I will fear for, I am scared

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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