Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Believe

I believe in my fellow men and women
Who stand by me, time again and again
Who travel the distance, no matter the length
For they will always lend me their strength

I believe in the love, deep down in my heart
My lover who always helps me to start
Giving me that tenderness, showing she will care
Even when I am at my darkest, I feel her there

I believe that an essence shines from up high
That gives me hope, that guides me to try
For I know I can feel some kind of guiding light
That helps my life to always glow so bright

And I will always be here, to believe in you
To lend a hand, in everything you go through
For I will always have my blessings to send
Let us unite, let us all be together at the end

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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