Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Always Will

When time passes and leaves me behind
I find the words, which I come to share
As the world carries on, I feel I am blind
I have tried my best to always be fair

Suffering in silence, which I do the most
Never sharing the hurt that I feel
I keep these feelings locking, scared to boast
I just know that this pain is always real

I have prayed so many times, for it to go away
But it never does , this damned hurt continues
Having to face it every second, every passing day
I still am always here, a victim of the Devil's dues

Who would have thought, trauma lasts this long
An assault for long ago, is haunting me still
I am alone in my making, hearing misery like a song
I have to always live in shadows, and I always will

copyright Chris Smith 26th December 2009

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