Sunday, 21 November 2010

I Am

I am not a soldier
I have not the skills
To lead comrades into battle
Fighting for Queen and country

I am not a politician
I do not have those words
To give people any hope
Believing in government coalitions

I am not a super hero
I can not be a super man
Protecting the righteous
And fighting for justice

I am not a doctor
I have not that ability
To help people to heal
Putting them back on the right path

I am not a King
I can not rule the people
Make them to trust in themselves
Or to believe in this land of ours

I am no one special
I am just one man
One out of millions
An ordinary worker

I am a poet
Who loves to write
To share his words
I will write for you

I am a dreamer
Believing in these visions
That whatever this future holds
There will always be better days

I am a lover
Winning only her heart
As she shares my own soul
Giving to me all of her desires

I am just me
Only being my own self
Because in the end
That is who we ever are


copyright Chris smith 2010

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