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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Not For A Long Time

I am not the worlds' best poet

I only write the way I feel

If you judge my words for approval

Maybe need to critise them as well

I can not write up to expectations

When fighting back my own depression

I will not conform to how you wish

Not for a long time

I do not deserve to face any understanding

I write and write for my friends to share

Even the greatest poets were misunderstood

Over the years people became to cherish them

Read them and see the tortures souls in their words

I would never bring a friend or enemy down

Never turn my back or mock them for who they are

Not for a long time

Yes I have made my share of mistakes

And I have seen America come and make history

A first step in the fight against racism

I have seen them embrace a man for what he stands for

To see past the very colour of his own skin

And to see this happen makes me feel proud

Something I thought I would never live to see

Not for a long time


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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