Monday, 29 November 2010

Ode To An Alcoholic

He says this is the last drink

The very last bottle he will drain

For now on all he wants is to think

While he has senses that still remain

But tomorrow will just bring another day

Where a lonely life will cause only pain

Only one thing can ever take the sorrow away

He will turn to the damned bottle once again

He has lost it all, lost his very will

He is cursed by the demon drink to follow

He just picks a bottle up to once more swill

He just puts it to his lips and ready to swallow

His life seems to be one long Gothic horror show

He always ends up being in another drunken daze

He can never stop while the urges continue to grow

He is always trapped in his very own alcohol craze

His wife and family left him so very long ago

But he never looks to find anyones' pity

For this is the life he has now come to know

One more lost alcoholic lost in the city

copyright Chris Smith 2004

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