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Sunday, 28 November 2010


I am hiding behind my nightmare.

The darkness that dwells below.

Trying hard to keep it back at bay,

But it never seems so far away.

It comes creeping back so very slow,

So I face the things that always scare.

I am locked away in my mind.

In a place where I am utterly alone,

Seems to be the price I must pay.

For these demons to come out to play.

To come strip the flesh to the very bone,

And leaving nothing left for anyone to find.

Who could come and rescue me from this hell,

Where these nightmares always seek me out.

And words are screaming out to say,

That with these dark times I must lay.

So I have no choice cut to scream and to shout,

When lost in these nightmares I will always dwell.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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