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Sunday, 28 November 2010

No Escape

I can feel my skull pounding
My thoughts are comfounding
Dwelling in cold torment
Feeling my soul spent
Frozen daggers stab my spine
Giving me a chilling sign
He is coming to find me
To add to my endless misery

So here I am, as I await
Not sure of my impending fate
Tears go unheard this dark night
Cries with no voice in fading light
And I still here, and waiting
Is there hope, I am anticipating
But now my fear returns for more
As I hear him now, knocking on my door

Trembling, I open the door open wide
The space is empty with no one outside
Closing and locking, I allow myself to grin
I cheated Death. I believe I can win
But I turn, he stands by the open fire
At last my last thoughts become so dire
You can never escape, that I now understand
As he offers me up his bony, icy hand

copyright Chris Smith December 22nd December 2009

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