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Monday, 29 November 2010

Ode To A Burns Victim Remembered

I hide behind this mask of mine

I pretend everything is always fine

Show everyone what seems to be a great day

But deep down the sorrow never goes away

No matter how much these good times last

I can never escape from the past

The nightmares have visited me again

Creeping back, what was once then

They hound me and then I can never forget

These dark demons inside my head are set

Trying to put away what I had to go through

Wishing that that event in the past was not true

So I try to write to escape a long forgotten fire

And the pain that still makes this feeling so dire

So alone I put these hands up to my head

Going through all this is better than being dead

Suppose I am lucky to hide the scars I wear

When I show then so many people just stare

After all this time, thought I would get over it

After all this time, I still feel like shit

I might have been the victim of that crime

But I feel I am the one who has done the time

All I can ever do is be able to tell my story

I am the one who was left feeling sorry

So hard for anyone to know how I feel

Given time there will be a time to heal

Sometimes I want to reach out and feel someone there

Just be able to mind a moment with someone to share

So many friends help for this life to be less empty

So many friends to join in with my poetry

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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