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Monday, 29 November 2010

Ode To A Lover

You know that I want you
You know that I need you
I hunger for you my sweet
I can feel your heart beat

Your desires are my quests
I gently kiss your breasts
You sigh as your nipples are excited
I kiss each one and you are delighted

Down my kisses go as I move
Kissing your stomach so smooth
Below you tremble as my tongue will explore
Tasting you and my tongue makes you beg for more

Then you go down and lick me lick a dream
You take me like you would and ice cream
I am ready for you and can no longer stall
You smile at me as you swallow it all

Your hand comes and strokes me then
I am ready for you once again
I am inside you between your thighs
I see the need that is in your eyes

Moving faster, your legs wrapped around me
Going deeper as you want it to be
Your heat is like something that is exotic
Our love making becomes fully erotic

I can feel myself flowing into your charms
Then I collapse into your waiting arms
We will sleep the night away
Make love again come the day


copyright Chris Smith 2002

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