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Monday, 29 November 2010

One Last Gothic Dream

A restless dream, that trapped me
Like the icy blackness, enwrapped me
I found myself cold and shaking
With no way for my awaking

Then he came, from out of the dark
Stalked me like some demented shark
Like a messenger of Death, to deliver
I found myself afraid, felt myself shiver

His eyes were red, his skin was snow white
He gave no reflection, no sign of light
When he spoke, his voice was like gravel
I could feel this life of mine, unravel

"I am the darkness within your dreams"
"I am the nightmare of your screams"
"I claim that which is mine, you know"
"I come now, to collect your soul"

I started to run, but then he was there, ahead
This strange traveller, collecting the dead
But why had he come for me if I was alive?
Did he not realise I was left to survive?

But a cruel irony can be twisted fate
You do not know when it is too late
As he claimed me, I started to weep
I did not know, I died in my sleep

So I walk with him, for eternal torment
Never to awaken from this moment
As into Deaths' dormain I am cast
Knowing now, I have dreamt my last


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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