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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Dark Side

He is there in the light of day

He is keeping me hidden out of sight

But I am never far away

For I will come out at night

Do not dare to judge me wrong

Do not think to lock me in a cage

I can not help if the anger is strong

I am not in control of my rage

You see him and believe he is meek

He is nothing when compared next to me

He is a puny man who is weak

Without releasing the beast, he is empty

So in darkness I control him inside

I release the power of my dark mind

He will always be Jekyll and I am Hyde

At the midnight hour he is my prisoner to bind

Am I evil for being what I must be

Letting my animal lust take me now

If only you could look through my eyes and see

The fury of this night I must prowl

At day break the weakness always returns

He must suffer the events that come after

He feels my growing rage that always burns

Hidden away in the madness of my laughter


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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