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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Darkest Of Hearts

She never knew how to be really loved

To feel a gentle touch or a sweet kiss

No one could touch the darkest of hearts

No one could grant her wish

Times passed, and her heart grew colder

Darkness seemed to always dwell within

She still desired for someone to save her

Someone who could let the light in

If only she could, once more, open up her heart

Find that missing piece of her hidden soul

To reach for a man who would be her prince

A man who would help her reach her goal

But men only seemed to always do her wrong

She always looked for one destinied to stay

But the darker that became her heart

The further she always pushed them away

The darkest of hearts sometimes can shine

It just needs to find a true guiding light

For then, when you no longer have the darkest of hearts

You find that your heart is now shining bright


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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